The RFSD file operates a network server to provide RPC operations such as reading and writing files to solve the file operations between different devices on different platforms.

Version: Updated: 2023-8-25
Functional characteristics
How to install and run
Use curl
curl http://ranfs.com/pub/rfsd/all/get.sh -o -|sh -s /tmp/rfsd
Use wget
wget http://ranfs.com/pub/rfsd/all/get.sh -O -|sh -s /tmp/rfsd
Use Powershell
$rfsd_dir="c:\rfsd";Invoke-Expression(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("http://ranfs.com/pub/rfsd/all/get.ps1")
$ rfsd -h
rfsd-linux-x86_64 v1.6.7.0 (2023-8-25) - RFSD File RPC Service
Copyright (C) 2014-2023 ranfs.com
Usage: rfsd [opt] [arguments] ...
	-c [config_file]  set config file
	-p dump current config
	-s [list|key=val] Set configuration options
	-e ["cmd;..."] execute string 'cmd'
	-v show version
	-q Do not display the startup banner and copyright message
	-d Run as a daemon
	-o [log_file]     set output log file
	-n [ip:port]      Set the syslog server address
	-l [log_level]    set log level: verb, dbg, info, warn, err
	-h display this help

Note: When rfsd is running on Android iPhone iPad devices it needs to jailbreak the device. When running on Windows, Macosx, Linux platforms, depending on the files you need to access, choose whether to run with administrator privileges or root.

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