RFUE based on RFSD Cross-platform FUSE implementation depends on Dokan on Windows, and libfuse on Linux and Macosx.

Version: Updated: 2024-3-2
how to install
Use curl
curl http://dl.ranfs.com/pub/rfue/all/get.sh -o -|sh -s /usr/local/bin
Use wget
wget http://dl.ranfs.com/pub/rfue/all/get.sh -O -|sh -s /usr/local/bin
Use powershell
$rfue_dir="c:\rfue";Invoke-Expression(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("http://dl.ranfs.com/pub/rfue/all/get.ps1")
Installation path

On Linux and Macosx, the default installation path is /usr/local/bin. If you need to specify another path, please change the path configuration after sh -s.

On Windows, the default installation path is c:\rfue, if you need to specify another path, please change the path configuration behind $rfue_dir=.

Using help
$ rfue -h
rfue-linux-x86_64 v1.7.2.0 (2024-3-2) - rfp/rfps fuse
Copyright (C) 2014-2024 ranfs.com
Usage: rfue [opt] [arguments] ...
	-u [url] Specify 'url' to mount
	-m [MountPoint] Can be /mnt/test 
	-r ["debug=1&..."] set url query val
	-d Run as a daemon
	-c [config_file]  set config file
	-p dump current config
	-s [list|key=val] Set configuration options
	-e ["cmd;..."] execute string 'cmd'
	-v show version
	-q Do not display the startup banner and copyright message
	-o [log_file]     set output log file
	-l [log_level]    set log level: verb, dbg, info, warn, err
	-h display this help
Usage example

Mount the Windows directory to the Macosx directory

sudo rfue -u rfp:// -m /mnt/win -o win.log -r "options=allow_other&volname=win" -d 

Assuming that rfsd is running on a Windows system with, the files under win can be managed in /mnt/win after the mount is successful. win.log is the log output by rfue, which is convenient for finding the cause of the problem. volname=win where win is the volume label name, which is convenient for managing multiple mount directories. Readonly are supported by default. If you need to Read and write, you can add parameters.

sudo rfue -u rfp:// -m /mnt/win -o win.log -r "options=rw,allow_other&volname=win" -d 

Unmount the newly mounted directory

rfue-umount.sh /mnt/win  

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